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Yonah Outdoors

Client: Yonah Outdoors
Deliverables: Branding
Role: Visual Designer
Tools: Sketch, Illustrator, Photoshop

I’ve recently had the opportunity to work with Yonah Outdoors, an independent outdoor company, to develop their identity system as well as begin building out their digital presence.  Mount Yonah, the brand’s namesake, a small mountain located in north Georgia, stands apart from the rest of the Blue Ridge mountain range. With a 1400 foot change in elevation from the trailhead to the top, the view of the Blue Ridge mountains serves as the inspiration for their products. Yonah translates to “black bear” from Cherokee, which you will see represented in their identity.  The brand system uses colors specific to the region, meant to induce a sense of tranquility that is could be found laying in a hammock among the trees of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Topographic mapping is used as a graphic element to speak to the adventurous spirit of the brand, and to their products, which are designed for mobility.