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Timeline: February 2020
Deliverables: Branding Refresh
Agency: Unleaded
Team: Copywriters (Dylan Powell, Trevor Brown), Marketing Director (Rachael Porter)
Role: Senior Designer
Tools: Illustrator, Photoshop, XD

Market Opportunity

Today, hydraulic fracturing companies do not get a high-level of service from their fluid end and components suppliers. It’s not offered and it’s not expected—but it is appreciated. Highly appreciated. And to your current customers, worth a premium (once the product is proven). The primary market opportunity we see is to de-commoditize the product by providing superior customer service rather than just a product in order to avoid the race to the bottom. Kerr, Gardner Denver, Weir—they sell fluid ends and components, they are all high quality, they all have comparable product life, but Vulcan, because it is small and agile, because of the engineering expertise, you can deliver a higher level of customer service and change the industry expectations around the experience they want from their fluid end and component provider.


Engineered for Service.

Industrial operations demand strong equipment. But they really run on the people behind the products. That’s why Vulcan delivers not only high-performance fluid ends but also unmatched service. This direction pairs progressive, intelligent design with a strong service message to differentiate the Vulcan Industrial brand and pay off the new positions.


In print, the brand will feature visual elements that allude to the company’s engineering strength and heritage. Deploying the Vulcan name and distinctive “V” logo in a way that’s appropriate for each unique application, the experience delivers the feel of a world-class name in energy and industrial engineering.


Clean, bright and vibrant in the digital space, yet still exhibiting industrial strength, the website will provide an engaging experience drawing users in to learn more about the products and Vulcan’s superior service. Smooth, intuitive UX and the design credibility of a Fortune 500 energy player will differentiate the brand’s digital adaptation.

Digital Ads

Digital ads serve as a highly functional awareness channel that keeps your organization top-of-mind by putting targeted messages in highly visible spaces. Interestingly enough, click through rates are notoriously low—(typical CTR is around .06%)—but digital ads are proven to increase both organic search and direct web traffic.

Social Ads

When it comes to B2B Oil and Gas, LinkedIn delivers the highest engagement rate of any marketing platform. We reach our audiences through this channel by utilizing both organic posts and sponsored ads.