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Universal Studio
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Viotto Cattle Company

Timeline: April 2020
Deliverables: Brand Development
Agency: Unleaded
Team: Copywriters (Dylan Powell, Trevor Brown), Marketing Director (Rachael Porter)
Role: Senior Designer
Tools: Illustrator, Photoshop, XD


Worth the Wait.

It’s as true on the ranch as it is on the grill: You can’t rush a truly great steak. In fact, the Viotto Cattle Company has been carefully breeding its herd for superior taste at the genetic level for over 100 years. And today this patience shows, with exceptional quality beef that stands out even in the great state of Texas. So hang in there. We know our beef sells out quickly. We’re glad that buyers are as passionate about our products as we are. And we understand it’s frustrating, especially in a society used to having everything at your door same-day. But when you finally get your order, we know you’ll agree: it’s worth the wait.